The Fox on the Vox

Born in Berlin, Lana has tasted the benefits of life from early on. In the 70s and 80s this city was happening and the people were ginger peachy... enough of these lies...the truth is, as a Berliner she had a natural curiosity to see what's behind the wall. Especially in regards of music. After plundering her parents top 10 60's record collection at age 14, she was driven to find out more about the 60's music. Her quest lead her to the Berlin music store RAVENS, where she bought, merely on the merits of their cover art, the records TEXAS DALLAS PUNK, SONGS WE TAUGHT THE FUZZTONES, BEST OF PEBBLES VOLUME ONE. From here on nothing else needs to be said. With a six year organ training under her belt and this new found appreciation for 60's undergound music, it was only logical that she would attain a vox combo organ. Finally at age 19 she formed the band Cox Orange together with Lenard Svilar on guitar, Simon Chrzanowski on drums, and Mariko Anklam on bass. The bands original repertoire reflected the influence of seminal 60s bands The Doors, The Seeds, Love, The Music Machine, The Strawberry Alarm Clock and Iron Butterfly. They have never recorded their set professionaly, but luckily taped a practice session! After the bands demise in 1997 Lana went on to play with some bands on the Berlin local scene, which bored her to tears.

In 2000 she made a big move in her life and emigrated to California, the source of her musical inspiration. No sooner had she arrived when she was invited to play keyboards for Sixties Garage Legends The Bonniwell Music Machine in November at the Palace Theater in L.A. As it happened, the artist responsible for the cover art for two of her first albums she ever bought was there filming the show. She met Rudi Protrudi briefly but their paths were destined to cross again. After the Boniwell Music Machine she formed the SDBO, an instrumental groove band, that emphasized her Hammond organ skills. This band was even nominated for the San Diego Music Award as Best Musicians. At their last show in L.A. in 2002, she was approached by Rudi Protrudi, who remembered her from the BMM show, to join his band The Fuzztones.

"The first time I saw Lana, she was playing with the Bonniwell Music Machine in L.A. in 2001. One year later, to the day, I received a bulk mail telling me about a show at a club I'd never been to. I'd also never heard of the band that was playing that night (The SDBO; San Diego's Beat Club). As I almost never go out, I have no idea what drew me there. To my surprise, there was Lana, wailing on a big old Hammond organ. Even though she had obviously been over-indulging in the booze department, her organ skills remained unhampered. In fact, quite the opposite! Unlike the "Garage" organists I'm used to, Lana grooved ... soulful, funky, dirty, nasty, and sexy! I made up my mind on the spot she was going to be the next Fuzztone".

- Rudi Protrudi

But it took 3 more years till she finally joind them. The reason for that was her move back to Europe, where she started to plan, organize and prepare musicaly the one and only European Tour of The Bonniwell Music Machine. In 2004 the 2 week TURN ON EUROPE TOUR was ignited, and the success was overwhelming! Photos

For more Bonniwell Music Machine 2004 videos explore YouTube!


I had no idea what to expect from this reunion Cee-Dee featuring none other'n noted Music Machine singer Sean Bonniwell leading a whole buncha new members on a European tour from two years back... I mean, who knows what lurks in the minds of men trying to capitalize on their youthful fame and fortune this far down the line, especially those like Bonniwell who have been pretty much outta the limelight and supported by a small yet rabid cartel of over-rambunctious fans and fanzines during the classic era of the "garage band revival" in the early-eighties. Well, if you're worried about Bonniwell going the oldies route and playing crankout hits and misses for flabbed-out aging teenyboppers like one might see at a few other oldies concerts, quitcher frettin' because this take on the Music Machine ain't more sixties fodder for the quick baby-boomer bux at all, and in fact it could only qualify as "nostalgia" if you're the kinda doof who's nostalgic about teenage highschool freakout psychosis! And to top the icing on the cake, these new Music Machiners, especially Lana Loveland's particularly acidic organ, add a specific dimension of fear to the recordings, which are particularly energetic live shows played for a sparse-yet-appreciative audience who were probably conceived when Bonniwell was hanging up his guitar strap and glove for what he probably thought was the last time ever! Anyway, this one has "thee" hit "Talk Talk" plus select numbers from both TURN ON and the BONNIWELL MUSIC MACHINE and perhaps even BEYOND THE GARAGE...

After the BMM tour she joined The Cheeks from Germany for a short tour and a follwing recording session. She contributed her agile Ace-Tone antics to "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Memory Line." Both released on Incognito Records in 2007. They also shot a promo video with her.

In 2005, The Fuzztones went on tour again and Lana joined them finally. The Absinth Tour was her introduction to a much broader audience. For 4 years she has been touring and recording with The Fuzztones, developing a strong musical and personal bond with band leader Rudi Protrudi. This dynamic duo shared production credits on the new Fuzztones album "Horny As Hell" and are currently in the process of writing new material for the next Fuzztones studio album.

Lana's solo album "Loveland" will include 8 songs from her first band Cox Orange, she wrote together with guitarist Lenard Svilar as well as 3 songs she wrote on her own. Bonus tracks will be the original band practice recordings from 1997...and last but not least!!! RUDI PROTRUDI is lending his skills on the bass guitar!!! Stay tuned!

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