• ORDER TO LOVE out on Groovie Records!
    Loveland's Album ORDER TO LOVE has just been released on GROOVIE RECORDS. Garage Psych at it's best! http://www.groovierecords.com/home.htm
    TOUR in Spain!
    EL BEASTO from A Coruna is booking a tour in Spain for April 2011. If you want Loveland to rock your club please contact elbeasto(at)elbeasto.com

    for updated tourdates:
    Butterfly Records from Barcelona has released in March 2010 Loveland's first single "Black Glove." The single is sold out but still available through mailorder, such as CLEARSPOT
    Lana just got back from THE FUZZTONES tour!
    The last Fuzztones tour (Oct-Dec 2010) went for 10 weeks all over Europe! They rocked every city and promoted their new album PREACHING TO THE PERVERTED. They also celebrated 30 years of FUZZTONES. Have a listen to their new album here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv5bH9RwNjM

    Lana is a musician, singer & songwriter from Berlin. Together with Lenny Svilar on guitar they formed their first band Cox Orange in 1995. With Lyricist Marcin Zastrozny they wrote songs in the style of the music from the 60s. (Most of them you can hear on the upcoming album "Order To Love.") In 2001 she moved to California. Soon after her arrival she was asked to play with the Bonniwell Music Machine, her longtime favorite group from the 60's. One year later she was asked by Rudi Protrudi to join The Fuzztones. Since 2005 she has been touring with them through Europe. She has recorded with the Fuzztones two albums (Horny As Hell/2008 and Preaching To The Perverted/2011) and played organ on several other sideprojects. In 2009 she has also performed with The Fuzztones for german TV show ROCKPALAST. In 2010 she recorded her new album ORDER TO LOVE with Lenny Svilar on guitar, Rudi Protrudi on bass, and Alex Tenas on drums. It will be released in February 2011. Butterfly Records has released Loveland's first single "Black Glove" March 2010. A spring tour in Spain, a summer tour in Holland, and a fall tour in Italy shall follow this year...

    Band Line-Up

    Lana Loveland - Vocals
    Lenny Svilar - Guitar
    Organ - Jojo B.
    Bass - Slowey Thomsen
    Drums - Captain Schmidt

    Lana has also produced 3 records

    The Fuzztones Horny As Hell (2008) Co-production
    The Fuzztones Preaching To The Perverted (2011) Co-production
    Loveland Order To Love (2011) Production

    Up to now we've known her as the FUZZTONES' keyteaser and former BONNIWELL MUSIC MACHINE organist, but LOVELAND's debut single shows her to be a gifted vocalist and songwriter as well as an accomplished musician. The two original tracks, "Black Glove" and "Missing Illusions" (written 1995 by Loveland and guitarist Lenny Svilar) are from her upcoming smash album, "Order To Love"! What do they sound like? Something like a supergroup comprised of various Strawberry Alarm Clock, Music Machine, Doors and Seeds alumni. Lenny Svilar contributing some fine psych guitar and Rudi Protrudi displaying his impressive bass skills, while drummer Alex Tenas is completing the vibes with his superlative West Coast inspired percussive flair. Lana sings and plays soulful, sexy, and sultry!
    A psychotropic experience! - Rudi Protrudi

    I'm tickled and beyond pleased with "Black Glove" - SEAN BONNIWELL from The Bonniwell Music Machine

    Both songs on this 7" are well written, incredibly catchy and already among the best songs to be released this year! -CLEAR SPOT-

    ...'Missing Illusions' on initial listens is carved with a purring primitive psych pageantry that nods to the acid glazed hallucinogenic mirages one time the keystone to Jefferson Airplane's sound though here sprinkled with the mind weaving montages of a youthful Curved Air. That said admirers of all things Pebbles, Nuggets and wigged out 60's west coast vibes will be suitably satiated by the woozy lysergic Hammond kookiness of 'Black Glove' wherein Ms Loveland concocts a delirious brew of honey tipped shimmer pop piped through with oodles of sassy psychotropic feline freakiness. Consider yourselves warned... MARK BARTON - LOSINGTODAY.COM

    Loveland's debut album ORDER TO LOVE out on Groovie Records!

    booked by El Beasto

    21.4.- Barcelona MONASTERIO
    22.4 - Ponferrada FREAKLAND FESTIVAL
    23.4 - Cangas SALA SON
    24.4 - Oviedo LA CALLEJA LA CIEGA
    25.4 - tba
    26.4 - Madrid WURLITZER BALLROOM
    27.4 - Burgos ESTUDIO 27
    28.4 - tba
    29.4 - Murcia MARIANO
    30.4 - Tarragona EL CAU